CW33 Mini wireless siren with built-in swtich power supply,plug in then work.itcan work with wireless alarm control panel or other wireless equipments (max 20) via wireless signal transmission,and also can work separately, when wireless PIR detector had been triggered and send out the wireless alarm signal to siren, it can make the alarm and flash light by itself, it has anti-remove function via built-in magnetic module on bracket, make alarm when siren had been took away from bracket under arm status, more suitable install on corridor, outside window, eave etc…



1.One way wireless receiving 

2.Support 20 wireless devices.

3.Support low battery alert.

4.Anti-tamper alert 

5.Support arm/disarm by remote control. 

6.Low consumption: built-in high capatiable battery and AC power off alert.

7.Support indication sound for control panel arm/disarm

8.Support siren alert time setting

9.Alarm mode:wireless/wired transport.